Fall session is underway and registration is closed. We will update this page when the schedule for Spring 2021 is available.

We are keeping the health and safety of our participants and coaches top priority, following these safety and sanitation protocols. We will adapt as needed according to CDC and state recommendations.














Register for Fall 2020 (limited capacity)

Registrations occur online only. For detailed instructions on how to register, view our Registration Guide. Note: each participant may only register for one class each session.

Per session rates for 2020 will be as follows:

TARGET – $65

PLAYer – $100

Par — $110

Birdie – $115

Eagle – $120

ACE – $125

We do our best to keep our rates down, and we offer sibling and military discounts, or financial aid as well. We are confident that we compare extremely well against other programs. Your participant’s instruction comes at a rate of $6.85 to $7.81 per hour depending on level and hours of instruction, and there are no additional fees for classes.

The following discounts will remain in effect throughout 2020:

  • Active Duty Military will receive a discount of 20% per session per registrant*
  • Siblings of registered participants will receive a discount of 20% per registrant

(Only one of these discounts can apply per participant)

IMPORTANT: For children 12 or older on their first day of class, if this is their initial First Tee experience, we would strongly recommend that they participate in our Rising Teens Class (#550 Spring, #551 Summer, #552 Fall) on Monday evening (ONLY), where they will have an opportunity to complete the first two levels of the program in 8 weeks. Should they fail to complete Par certification, they should enroll for another Par class in the subsequent session.

*The Military Discount will be applied automatically if the Account Holder has identified him/herself as Military when entering a participant for the first time. If you are Active Duty Military and your file is not so annotated, please contact us at 410-730-1114, or via email at thefirsttee@columbiaassociation.org to have your file updated.