ACE Level Certification Requirements
(Participant has passed all previous levels and is 14 years old or a high school freshman)

For golfers age 14 and older who have been certified at the EAGLE Level of instruction. This program offers Portfolio Development, Golf Skill Improvement and Mentoring Opportunities.

PUTTING, SHORT GAME, GREENS AND FAIRWAYS: At Ace level, there are no specific requirements for these individual skills, although we continue to practice all four golf skills and all nine golf fundamentals. Participants are responsible for creating their own training plans (with coach assistance as needed) and reassessing them based on their initial and continuing assessments of strengths and weaknesses.

AGE: Ace participants must have attained the age of 14 by the end of the current program year (August 31), or be a rising high school freshman by that date.

EAGLE QUALIFICATIONS AND ROUNDS: To qualify for ACE, participants must have passed all Eagle requirements, and have had their 10 18-hole rounds with maximum score 108 attested, all qualifying scores completed before enrolling in Ace.

USGA HANDICAP: ACE participants must have a USGA handicap established by the time of their first ACE session, and during the two years of their qualifying, must enter at least 15 new, 18-hole scores into the Handicap System. The 15 qualifying scores MUST be equal to or better than an Eagle qualification round (108 strokes maximum) played from same or longer distances (5,000-6,000 yards).

PLAN FOR LIFE AND CAREER POSSIBILITIES: During their 12-24-month time in ACE, certification aspirants must have a required minimum of three informational interviews with three different businesses and/or organizations of potential career interest.

GIVE BACK TO COMMUNITY: ACE participants must accumulate a minimum of 48 hours of coaching or mentoring (volunteering) at the chapter, or other youth development or community organizations.

EXPLORE EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: ACE certification aspirants must research and contact (email, telephone, and/or in-person) a minimum of three different colleges/universities/technical or vocational schools.

EXIT INTERVIEW: Upon completion, but prior to submission for evaluation of the completed four project Ace Yardage Book, Ace certification aspirants must complete an exit interview with a chapter level representative or Board Member. The individual who interviews the Ace certification aspirant must write a letter of recommendation stating why this participant deserves to become Ace-certified. A signed letter must be submitted to the Home Office as part of the final Ace materials.